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Some have asked me how to access my talks and radio shows. First, you can search YouTube with “Steve Ray” and there are scores of them for free.

We also have a webpage with links to hundreds of past talks, radio interviews, etc.

Hope you find them helpful to build and support your Faith in the Truth of Jesus Christ, his Church and the whole Catholic Faith.

Click here for the list currently available.


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  1. Karen Reilly

    dear Sir,
    I have been listening to Mike winger on u tube and he says things that leaves me without answer. It sounds so good. If I was not and obedient catholic, and know the fullness of truth is in the catholic church, I would probably leave the church. I need help with anti-catholic apologetics. Please listen on u-tube to Mike Winger -Catholic Apologist Abuse Typology to Teach Mariology. In it he says Scott Hahn changed the bible. listen to what he says about Mary- arc of the covenant. Please please respond to me.
    Sincerely, Karen Reilly

    STEVE RAY HERE: Why are you listening to such nonsense that causes you stress and doubt? Scott Hahn and I are completely correct and this has been taught from the beginning by the Fathers of the Church. Shut these guys off and lower your blood pressure.

    Read these:

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