Why are Catholics the only ones that can get kicked and take it. Can't do it with Jews, Blacks, Muslims, Homosexuals or any other group. Why do Catholics not fight back? Here's one guy that should be used as an example or our clout and willingness to defend ourselves.



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  1. Duane

    Here is the difference in why people smear Christianity and seem to get away with it… “turn the other cheek”. We are called to be a forgiving people, a loving and praying for your enemies people.

  2. Betty Smith

    Yes, but we are also called to defend other people. If you attack me personally, that’s one thing. If you attack my family, friends, or even a total stranger, that is something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. It is my duty as a Christian to defend those people who are being wrongly persecuted. When people attack Christ’s bride, the Church, we are called to defend her. When someone wrongly maligns the holy father or one of the saints, etc. to sit idly by and let that happen unchallenged is not “turning the other cheek”. It’s shirking my responsibility. Just the same as if someone was spreading malicious lies about my husband and I did not set the record straight. Would I truly love my husband if I was unwilling to defend his honor? The church is our mother. Is it “turning the other cheek” to let someone insult and lie about my mother?

  3. Duane

    Forgive me if I came across wrong. I did not mean that we should just do nothing. But we are different from some of the Muslims b/c we are not going to result to violence. We should however pray for the conversion of Maher.

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