On a recent trip to Jerusalem I struck up an intense conversation with a Dutch Doctor of Psychology who was in Jerusalem to access the Palestinian situation. He claimed the Israelis were terrorist and the implied the Palestinians could do no wrong. Bombing innocent civilians was involuntary and inevitable because of their persecution.

I argued that he was way lopsided in his thinking and doing a great disservice to the Palestinians and everyone else. I argued the best thing the Palestinians could do was to stop playing the victim card and bombing citizens and start working WITH Israel instead of AGAINST it. Israel is a strong and determined country and is going nowhere. The best thing for the next generation of Palestinians is to work with Israel for peace and to take part in the world’s economy. Terrorism has turned the world against them and decimated their population and hope for prosperity.

This Dutch doctor continued to criticize Israel and the USA with vitriolic accusations. I told him and the group that was with him that he had a lot of  nerve. I said, “You live in Holland, right?” He said, “Yes.”

So I said, “You have a lot of nerve criticizing Israel and the US when you live in the most screwed up country in the world. Go back and fix your own mess before you presume to tell us how to change our country.”

He was not pleased, but look at today’s news about Holland and decide for yourself.

Utrecht, Netherlands, Jan. 12 (LifesiteNews.com/CWN) – UTRECHT, January 11, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Royal Dutch Medical Association has concluded, after a three-year investigation, that Dutch doctors ought to be able to kill patients who are not ill but who are judged to be “suffering through living.”

The decision contradicts the Dutch Supreme Court that ruled in 2002 that patients may only request euthanasia if they have a “classifiable physical or mental condition,” and not if they are merely “tired of life.” The law however, does not require a medical condition, but only that a patient must be “suffering hopelessly and unbearably.” Pro-life activists have warned that such ambiguous language is an open door for new interpretations that would make the law a license to kill.

The new report says many Dutch doctors believe some cases of “suffering through living” could be judged “unbearable and hopeless.” 

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