McCain has chosen his running mate for Vice President. Sarah Palin is young, pro-life, a maverick and quite a woman. She has five kids. The fifth has down syndrome, which she knew before birth, but she said “When I look down at him I see perfection!”
Obama didn’t pick a woman but an old Washington insider guy. Obama picked the old white guy. This is great. Obama wants us to think HE is the maverick for change in Washington, but he chose a Washington insider for his Democratic running mate. It is McCain who has chosen a running mate from as far as Washington as you can get – from the backwoods of Alaska!
Sarah is strongly pro-life and belongs to Feminists for Life. She opposes same-sex marriage. She has a better than 80% approval rating as governor of Alaska. She fought corruption and won — causing crooks in Alaska to resign.
She is good looking too, having come in 2nd in the Miss Alaska contest. She puts a good face on the Republican party standing next to McCain. She is an outdoors women who used to hunt moose with her dad at 3 AM before going to school, has an Eskimo self-employed husband (world champion snowmobiler), is a Christian with a son being to Iraq in September.
I like her. She will offset McCain’s age. You can read all about her on Wikipedia here. For Fideli’s article “The Right Choice for Catholics, click here.