My son Jesse called and said, “Dad, want to go to war?” My face went blank. “What,” I asked. He said he and his friends were going out to a large field full of weeds to have a

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paintball war. I had never done this before but since I am almost 50 years old and need the exercize; because I love good competition and since I love my son and always have fun being with him,  I said “Yes.”

I had a blast. My son and I were on the same team along with three comrades from our parish. We won 7 out of 7 wars. I got hit a couple times and have welts on my back to prove it, but it was worth it. When I got home Janet gave me a big hug and told me she was proud of me. (For a larger picture, see my homepage.)

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Geez, what is a 50 year old guy doing out in the woods with a paintball gun? Well, I was invigorated, enjoying my son’s company, and proving to my wife I was still young at heart and worth her pride  🙂 Hey, we fought hard and won so she was REALLY proud, especially since it was my first time. If you haven’t gone paintball shooting before, you should give it a try. (Picture of my son Jesse to the right.)

We haven’t figured out yet if it was a “Just War” but it was with a bunch of just (justified) Catholic guys from our parish. I can’t wait to go do it again sometime — a guy really has to get away from the computer, books, business and the phone once in a while to go out with manly friends and have a good manly war once in a while. (I suspect we will all smile at each other at church over the next few weeks!)