How can you not have a great day at Lourdes? The weather has cooperated magnificently. After Mass in St. Ann’Chapel and a guided tour through the Lourdes’ Museum, everyone had free time today to again explore, pray at the very shrines and churches, go into the baths, shop and more.
In the afternoon we went to the medical bureau and toured the museum there and saw all the different people that had confirmed cures from the waters here at Lourdes. We also had a meeting with the chief doctor.
Protestants have a lot of objections to Catholic teachings on Mary. So for an hour before dinner I, Steve Ray, gave a talk on Objections to Mary and How to Refute Them. I thought it was appropriate since we had spent so much time at Marian Shrines and talking and praying the Rosary. 
Our dinner, farewells, comments and final hours will be put up tomorrow. 
Video 1 is today’s activities; video 2 is Msgr. Droll’s Homily in St. Ann’s Chapel in Lourdes.