Because I am fasting from blogging and blog reading for Lent, I can’t comment on this. But, I figure this will light a fire under you:

The cartoon is particularly insulting. (Can one imagine a similar cartoon with a rabbi saying, “Talk about bringing home the bacon”?)
I did leave a long message on the voice mail of the editorial board of the Lariat that included my asking when they were going to come out and claim that eating Kosher food and celebrating Ramadan is outdated.  I also said that the editorial was embarrassing to the university and insulting to Catholic students and faculty. I pointed out that the editorial was ill-timed, two days after Ash Wednesday on the first Friday of Lent.

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  1. Gary Siplin

    I wrote an excoriating comment to the editorialist. The whole concept presented by the editorial is flawed. Can’t people find something better to do?

  2. Carson Weber

    “Indulgences can no longer be bought.”
    I’d like to see the official ecclesial document from Church history that said they “could” be bought.

  3. Barbara Edsall

    A newspaper of a large Protestant university ridiculing Catholicism is sad, disappointing and distasteful. I guess it also signals things to come. No, Gary, they can’t find anything better to do. This is what they thrive on. Well, let us thrive on the Truth, and pray for others to awake.

  4. Gary Siplin

    I wouldn’t attribute this to Protestantism. Although Baylor started out Baptist, I very much doubt that it has much religious fervor in this day and time. I will say the Jack Chickesque cartoon smacks of such a deviant thought process, but it is more likely just a secular humanist hate of the Church, rather than any religious zeal, which produced it.

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