What wonderful folks here in Kerala India! What a joyous two weeks. Heading home on Wednesday.


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  1. Tom Govern

    Safe trip and welcome back!

  2. Chris

    Dear Stephen,
    Thank you for visiting India and Bangalore in particular.
    In this time of largely compromised preaching, where accommodation of various doctrines is regarded as positive, it was refreshing to hear you speak with knowledge , confidence and boldness about our Catholic faith. .. If you remember, I met you just before you left and handed over a copy of our book ‘Good Fathers to Great Dads’ to you. You had mentioned that you would gift it to your son. Hope he has enjoyed reading it. In case you have any feedback on the book, especially regarding its relevance, application orientedness and faith based value, we would be happy to hear from you. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome.
    In addition, I also need some advice from you in the area of apologetics.. Do let me know if I can address it on a relevant email id to you?

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