The past is shrouded in a fog for most people. What was really going on in the 1st century during and after the live of Christ and the birth of the Catholic Church? Here is a simple Timeline of First Century Christianity.

I created the Timeline to help my students understand their heritage as Catholics. It shows the key events that took place in the first Christian century. Understand your history!

Click here or on the image to right and download and print the PDF file. Free for the using (but not for selling).


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  1. espe marie villasaenz

    requesting the free timeline. Came back to the Catholic church about 2 and a half years ago and have totally fallen in love w/the true church of Jesus Christ!
    love hearing you on Relevant radio and reading your books.
    Keep up the spiritual work that you are doing for the kingdom of Jesus Christ’s Catholic church.

    God love you!
    Espe (Esperanza) Marie Villasenor

  2. Dianne Pusateri

    Being disabled, this is a way for me to further my knowledge of my faith. I am a Theologian/Philosopher of Catholicism and the early Church Fathers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.

  3. darlene scarince

    Can you tell me if the Blessed Mother was there with the Apostles when Jesus ascended?

    1. Steve Ray

      There is no reason to believe she was not. I expect she was.

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