From my friend Dave Palm at Geocentrism Debunked. His website is debunking the belief that the earth lies at the center of the universe which some Catholics have taken a shine to lately. (Maybe the earth is flat too 🙂


There has been a lot going on at Geocentrism Debunked lately. Most notably I had a live discussion/debate with geocentrist Bob Sungenis on the Non Sequitur Show a few weeks ago. I’ll be writing up highlights from that discussion and especially from the follow-up correspondence between Sungenis and me, an exchange that has brought to light yet more gaping holes in the geocentric case.

But in the meantime, I wanted to make you aware of some articles on the site you may not yet have seen:

Bob Sungenis has been claiming for years that his Rube Goldberg wobbly universe “explains” both stellar parallax and aberration of starlight. In “Geocentrism and Stellar Aberration: Illuminating the Earth’s Motion” we demonstrate first that Sungenis fundamentally misunderstands aberration. We then demonstrate that Sungenis’s “solution” only partially explains parallax and certainly does not explain aberration, for a number of concrete reasons. I suspect he’ll eventually realize that he’s made a mistake and come up with some additional, convoluted “explanation”. But in the meantime reasonable people will be content with the knowledge that both stellar parallax and aberration are explained perfectly well simply by noting that the Earth orbits the Sun, according to the laws of gravity. So there is no need for the wobbly universe.

Speaking of a wobbly universe, here’s another article related article. The Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft were launched in the 1970s on a trajectory that ultimately took them all the way out of our solar system. In order to track those far-distant spacecraft accurately their signals had to be corrected by ground stations for motions such as Earth’s precession, nutation, polar motion, tides, the Moon’s, Sun’s and planets’ gravitational torque, etc. Bob Sungenis was years ago challenged to give us one good reason why we should attribute all of those motions to the spacecraft themselves rather than to the Earth. In “Top Geocentrist Fails Pioneer Challenge” I document that Sungenis studiously sidestepped the question and sought instead to distract the reader with page upon page about the interesting, but irrelevant, Pioneer anomaly. To this day Sungenis has never actually answered the Pioneer Challenge and it’s not hard to see why; he can’t give one good reason why we should attribute all of those motions to the spacecraft themselves rather than to the Earth.

And in “Geocentrist Dodges Pioneer Challenge, Part 2” we find that geocentrist Rick DeLano was confronted with the very same Pioneer Challenge and he dodged the question in exactly the same way as Sungenis, by pointing to the interesting but ultimately irrelevant Pioneer anomaly. You always know you’re onto something when the geocentrists won’t give a straight answer.


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  1. Bill912

    Steve, I think that the Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Society will be descending upon your website.

  2. David Palm

    ^ It’s as I told Bob, “Having read it carefully, I’m confident that it leaves my core arguments undisturbed and contains additional errors and misunderstandings of the physics, so I think you should go ahead and post it.” Just more basic physics blunders from the “physics major”. Stay tuned for a few articles highlighting the most egregious. Thanks again, Steve.

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