Finally Heading Back to the Holy Land – need a few intrepid pilgrims to join us!

Israel is finally opening up after almost 2 years. We couldn’t be happier with the great expectation that our December 27 trip is going to fly!

See the website here:

Israel is slowly beginning to welcome small groups back and the country is empty and anxiously waiting for us. I cannot wait to take our first group over the Christmas break with no lines and no crowds. We will own the country!

Stay tuned and if you are an intrepid traveler that wants to be one of the first ones back to the Holy Land, let us know. There will never be a better time to go!

Contact our Reservations Team at 866-557-2364, or write them at

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  1. Tom+Govern

    Steve, I would be there, but Christmas time for the Govern’s is very family full. I look forward to going back to the Holy Land with you where Jesus lived. If anyone is on the fence about this or any Holy Land trip, it is totally safe and your faith life will be transformed with the experience. Just another advantage, it will probably not be really crowded. Go with Steve and Janet.

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