Home this week catching up on a lot of things. Going to see our friend Liz Lev from Rome who us here speaking at Our Lady of Good Council in Plymouth Michigan. She is the only guide I work with in Rome.
But that is not why I’m a bit weary today. The cause of the weariness is a new personal record. Today I ran 11 miles.
I ran the first two with my wife Janet who is building up her running so we can run together. We are using a new iPhone app “Couch to 5K”.
Then my son Jesse joined me to for next nine miles. We ran around the huge country block and took a few excursions off road through trails and side roads. We even met a couple from our parish out running.
We are now eating a healthy lunch, resting, trying to catch up with e-mail and a lot of other things while waiting for the plumber to fix the leak which caused a flood in our basement.
Next Monday we head to Nazareth for a wedding, four miles from Cana of Galilee. Our friend Amer’s daughter Nagum (means Princess) is getting married and we’re going to the week long wedding.
We will run there too!
Our run today http://bit.ly/ca7dzQ