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Friends: I am determined to help our Catholic Christian friends in Jerusalem. There are several families Janet and I know personally and they need help.

The Roman Catholic family at the right is Jeries Majlaton, his wife and three great kids–one of the families we help. Janet and I are long-term friends. Jeries works for the Franciscans inside the Holy Sepulchre and his kids attend the local Catholic school.  There are others too that are currently unemployed or underemployed and we will distribute the money as needed.

When our groups are in Israel we take up collections for these multiple families but we also ask friends here to donate. PLEASE HELP!

People send me checks to pass the cash on to the Christian families when we are there 7 times a year. If you can help send me a check made out to “Steve Ray” 3588 Plymouth Road, #277, Ann Arbor MI 48105-2603.  I will deposit the check in my account and give them 100% of the cash.

Or you can send it as a donation to my payal account and I will make sure they get EVERY penny that you send (except PayPal’s 1-2%). Hopefully we can help our brothers and sisters in Christ already suffering and help them stay in the Holy Land.

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  1. Brendan Battle

    Steve and Janet. Thanks for all you do. Check from me and Viviane is on the way.,

    STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks so much. It is going to three people at this time. Jeries and his family, Abdel and his wife and two daughters who work for the Patriarch of Jerusalem and a small gift to Fr. Sinisa who is a humble and hardworking priest at the Holy Sepulchre.

  2. Rick Evans

    Hi Steve — I just finished reading your excellent book “The Faith for Beginners”. I’m very impressed with your research and documentation. I didn’t buy it because I saw myself as a “Beginner,” but rather because I wanted to have a better grasp of the creeds. I learned so much, not only about the creeds but also about the churches development. Just wanted to get a word of appreciation out to you. — Rick Evans

  3. Tom+Govern

    Steve, I write checks out of my IRA account for this type of contribution. I would need to know who to make out the check to and where to send it.

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