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Today we went into the deserts of Egypt to find the monastery of St. Macarius which was built in 365 A.D. It still has 160 monks.

We celebrated the Divine Liturgy with the monks and we accomplished what we intended to do with the bones/tombs of John the Baptist and Elijah’s the Prophet.

During our visit here and seeing how safe and exciting and full of biblical early Christian history Egypt is, we have decided to soon resume our pilgrimages to this amazing country. Stay tuned!

Here is a recap with our eight minute video:


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  1. Tom Govern

    Can’t wait to sign up!

  2. James in Perth

    Great video and wonderful experience. I recently visited a Syriac Orthodox church and experienced much of the same hospitality. Like you, we removed our shoes before entering the church. The men and women sat on opposite sides of the church (which greatly facilitated their call and response style of singing). After the Divine Liturgy, we were invited to a delicious lunch of pilaf and spicy (!) meats followed by ice cream to cool us down.

    Sadly we did not share in the Eucharist with them but otherwise a great day of sharing our common faith in the one true Lord.

  3. marcus

    Hi , is the body of st macarius found here as well?

    “Macarius died in the year 391. After his death, the natives of his village of Shabsheer stole the body and built a great church for him in their village. Pope Michael V of Alexandria brought the relics of Saint Macarius back to the Nitrian Desert on 19 Mesori. Today, the body of Saint Macarius is found in his monastery, the Monastery of Saint Macarius the Great in Scetes, Egypt.” (Wikipedia).

  4. Zachariah Harper

    Hey guys just wanted to know if the "real" bones of Elisha and the "real" bones of John the Baptist here? Do you think they are the real bones here? What's your opinion. I would love to visit but I just don't know. Can I serve with them if I'm a real Christian as well.

    STEVE RAY HERE: I believe they are the real bones.

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