For those who have traveled to Israel with Janet and I and stayed at the Ron Beach Hotel in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, you will certainly enjoy these pictures!

Janet and I have only seen the sea this high about 16 or 17 years ago. It is delightful to see it full again. Can’t wait to get back in July-August, October, November and December-January!

If you want statistics, the sea has risen about 20 feet! I suspect, based on the rock at the Primacy of Peter, that is about the level of the sea at Jesus’ time.

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  1. Thomas M Govern

    In my 10 years and six trips, I have neve seen it this high. Seems like the Jordan could take some of this away if it becomes a problem. I wonder why it is so high?

    STEVE RAY HERE: Tom, thanks again for your many kind comments and responses. There has been an unprecedented amount of rain in the last two years and snow on Mount Hermon which has caused the lake to fill. Everyone in Galilee is delighted!

  2. Thomas M Govern

    Maybe climate change is not always bad? This fresh water source between the mountains, down the Jordan valley and into the Dead Sea, is a blessing for the area. I am sure that the Israelize will have no problem handling the excess.

    STEVE RAY HERE: I think the scientist and students of history in Israel would agree that it is not climate change but the cyclical patterns of rainfall in the Middle East. We saw the same amount of rain and rising of the sea ten years ago when the water was up to the top step at Primacy and almost coming into the gardens at the Ron Beach Hotel.

    There is a marker at the Jordan River site where we renew our wedding vows that shows a level 25 feet higher than normal from about 20 years ago. This cyclical activity of low and high levels, more or less rain has been going on for millennia. It was also higher when Jesus was on the Sea which we can ascertain from the rock table (“mensa Christie) at the Primacy of Peter.

    Thanks for all you fun and sharing Tom — my fellow camel jockey and favorite pilgrim!!!!

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