I’m sure you’ve seen those yard signs that proudly declare “In this house, WE BELIEVE that Black lives matter, women’s rights are human rights, love is love, etc etc”

Al Kresta produced a video responding to the silliness. It has never been done better. Please share widely.


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  1. John L Flaherty

    In summary, the devil is in the details. Well done.

  2. Andrew Dalton, LC

    Exactly! The modernist “creed” has been engineered, not as a clear articulation of beliefs–the truth of which one may debate–but as a cudgel in camouflage, used to assault those who cannot be prevailed against with rational argumentation. As this pseudo-creed bears witness, the modus operandi of the radical Left is to weaponize ambiguity. On this view, by which reason is completely subordinated to will, these vacuous slogans are not designed to foster rational discourse. In this sense, the false creed is utterly disanalogous to the Creed, which the Catechism unpacks with utmost care and linguistic precision (for hundreds of pages!). On the contrary, it is an anti-creed, an attempt to shut down conversation before it begins. Ironically, these truisms must pay homage to rationality insofar as they bear the exterior trappings of sophistication. But this patina is exposed as soon as the individual articles are scrutinized with right reason. Accordingly, Leftists necessarily flee this scrutiny. They are terrified of those who speak the truth in love. Against such light, they have no counter-weapon in their arsenal. And so, they sling simplistic slogans to muzzle their intellectual adversaries. It is a power play that, ultimately, proves powerless. Never underestimate the power of proclaiming the truth of the Gospel.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Amen! Couldn’t agree more!

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