Mount Tabor rises 1900 feet above the Jezreel Valley below. It has a unique hump of a mountain rising up in the plain. On

Many times people had asked me how long it would take Jesus and the disciples to get to the top. So back on ways, I drove over to the mountain, parked at the base, and I scrambled straight up to the top through the trees and over rocks. It took me 55 minutes but I was in a rush. So I suspect it took Jesus and his disciples about an hour and a half.

We arrived early in the morning and took the van taxis up instead of climbing, and had Mass looking out over the land of Israel.

From there we went to Cana for the renewal of wedding vows and lunch at the YMCA.

Our last step of the day was Nazareth to visit the grotto where the angel made the announcement to Mary, and where the Incarnation took place — it ALL started here! We arrived back at the hotel, giving everyone some free time to sit by or swim in the Sea of Galilee, and to get a good night’s sleep.