Just posted a new Running trip, “2010-01-29 Bombay 2”, to EveryTrail. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/dB5UMT
Marvelous morning speaking to 400 priests & seminarians. My talks very well received.
I stood in front of the people in the church tonight. They were singing with great volume and passion. I stood in front and had tears in my eyes looking over these faithful Catholics who have been attacked and put down. They said I was the first to tell the other side and they were joyful. I wept. It was such a joy to see so many passionate Catholics here in Bombay.

I gave my Conversion Story tonight for 2000+ people. St. Peter’s Church holds 1,200 and every seat was full so they put up 700 chairs outside with a big screen and huge speakers. All the seats outside were filled too. Tomorrow evening they plan to have 500 additional people. They are selling thousands of copies of Crossing the Tiber at a reduced Indian price.
Tomorrow I have four talks to give: three workshops with 500 people each and then a talk on Mary in the evening to about 3,000 people. Stay tuned.