The wake up call came at 4:30 AM. Argh! “You will thank me later,” I told the pilgrims. We left the hotels at 5:00 AM to walk the Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross).
After walking the Way of Sorrows we quickly toured the Church of the Holy Sepulchre before settling into the benches set up for us and Mass began with pipe organ and singing Franciscans.
Everyone was moved by the Mass! You can enjoy a bit of it on my video. Then we had a group picture and then breakfast with two hours free to regroup or nap.
We took off again for Bethesda and St. Ann’s Church, before arriving at the Western Wall for the morning of Bar Mitzpah’s. Everyone then had the afternoon off to scatter through the Old City. Most went back to the Holy Sepulchre to enter the tomb and to touch the top of Calvary.
We ended the day with a marvelous tour of the Notre Dame Holy Shroud Exhibit before dinner.