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Janet and I had four children, but we started out our married life as Evangelical Protestants who fell for the lie of contraception and regret it now, but we were also open to life and wanted at least four kids to break the mold of the world that plans to have none or at the most 1.3. We discovered the beauty of the Catholic Church at 39 years old.

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But now all of our four children have taken to the truth of life and the Catholic Church like fish to water. Between the four of them we have 20 grandchildren. Nothing I love more than marching into a restaurant with all or most of them — with a big smile on my face.

You should see the whole restaurant stop and stare, especially when we all cross ourselves and in unison say, “Bless us O Lord, and these thy gifts…”

There is a delightful article today in Crisis Magazine about a family who went to Red Lobster with their 6 children. It is sad and good to read at the same time. Worth a read. And is you see a large family at a restaurant, at church or elsewhere, make sure to congratulate them.

One last thing, and I am not saying this to toot my own horn or boast, but sharing it as an example. Last Sunday a family sat a few pews in front of us with six young children. They were a handful but the older ones helped with the younger. After the Mass I slipped the father $100 and told him he had a beautiful family, that he was a great dad and please take them all out for ice cream this afternoon. I smiled with joy the rest of the day. Try it!