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Another reason I am thankful on Thanksgiving. Here is an updated picture of Janet and I with our grandchildren. Look what Janet and I got started 35 years ago. Blessed be God and Our Lord Jesus forever! We are having a wedding in Cana of Galilee. Very cool! A young man named Wes made my daughter Charlotte very happy today. Steve Jobs is dead. Even billionaires shed this life and face their Maker. May God have mercy on his soul.
New book entitled UNDERSTANDING WOMEN is finally available in bookstores. Great grandma Sklenar with Jesse's children. Grandkids at the Cider Mill. At the Cider Mill
Watching chicks hatch Chickies hatching to great applause!
Me with my 92 year old father and my three brothers (our sister not in picture). Just the guys. Found tombs and history of Janet's ancestors on Isle of Arran Scotland. Very exciting - back to 1700s. The name was McKillop. Another nice picture on new grandson with Jesse and Bella who said, "I wuv Danny." Our new grandson Daniel Xavier Ray surrounded by delighted siblings. He is our 9th grandchild! Bravo!
Our first hotel in Scotland. Janet helping birth a calf! Visiting the World of James Herriot the vet who wrote All Creatures Great and Small. Now up to Scotland. Too funny! Psychic Fair cancelled! Sean and Emily floating in the Dead Sea.
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