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I had a great time at the Catholic Scripture Study Conference. What a GREAT bunch of folks studying the Word of God together! Hope you enjoy the website. Make sure to check out all the free stuff under Resources on my green menu bar above. Also, all of our books and DVDs and talks are for sale in our store.

Check out the Bible Study helps and Bible Study Software recommendations. Also, visit our new Bible and Catholic Software website.

Also, join the Message Board Community, and hopefully sign up for one our upcoming pilgrimages. Our brochure for the CSS Pilgrimage in November 2007 will be available soon. Read exciting Convert Stories, link to the best Catholic sites on the web, and much more.

Welcome to all you Scripture students and teachers ready to spread the word about Jesus and His Church!!


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  1. rita sessions

    Please steer me in the right direction. My grandson (23) is going through RCIA having doubts and questioning everything…….what can I give him in the way of books ? to help him on this faith journey
    STEVE RAY HERE: Is this an orthodox, faithfully Catholic RCIA class or one of the ones that is still right out of the 60’s? If the class is being taught well by a real believer then you are in good shape but too many RCIA classes are not so. Please post your question on my Discussion Forum for lots of good advice. Also, send me an email and I will try to help you that way.

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