Yes, the majority of Muslims are peaceful, but …

A young Muslim American stands up to ask a question, defending the idea that most Muslims are peaceful. The answer is quite revealing….


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  1. Sandi

    I loved this video. Bridgette made the point so well that so many people just don’t get it. These people in large numbers are trying to KILL us. We must enforce strict vetting procedures to prevent them from entering our country. And, if they are here, to remove them. This doesn’t mean that we are mean or nasty Americans trying to prevent a certain group from entering the land of the free. It means that we are careful and cautious. It means we are smart. History has shown over and over that these people DO NOT assimilate to our culture. They come in and want to change OUR WAY of life. Like the Muslim woman in this video –to her, it wasn’t about the 4 Americans (Americans as she is) who were killed. Way to say it like it is, Bridgette!!!!

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