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Bishop Barton’s appeal to boycott and defend our Freedom and our Catholic Faith!


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  1. Stephanie

    The Dodgers have chosen to promote evil degenerate filth. They don’t deserve another dime from any Catholic or Christian. Every Catholic in the area needs to proteste during the “pride” event, let those degenerates know they are evil and we won’t tolerate their blasphemy!

  2. Bill912

    The Dodgers have now announced that they will have another game to celebrate faith and prayer. Evidently, the idiots running the Dodgers think that pandering will make their promotion of anti-Catholic bigotry okay. It’s a wonder some people can keep their balance, considering where they have apparently shoved their heads.

    The whirring sound you hear is Vin Scully, Tommy Lasorda, and Gil Hodges spinning in their graves.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Couldn’t agree more.

  3. mark smith

    Don Drysdale, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Don Sutton, Junior Gilliam, Maury Wills and Chuck Conner must all be turning over in their graves.

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