Today Janet and I sat at a table for over an hour as about 500 wonderful Indians with beautiful smiles and faces glowing with the Holy Spirit stepped up to us to thank us for coming to defend them and their Catholic faith — and to pledge their prayers. They are gracious and gentle people with a very religious impulse and a heart for God.
(Pictures: Right: Riding an ox cart to the conference! Left: Steve with joyful former Hindu, Protestant and Muslim. Click image for larger picture.)
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I gave two talks and answered questions for about 1.5 hours with a panel including Bishop Agnelo. Then after signing books we are now on our way to another venue where we will speak to over 400 sisters/nuns from around the diocese. Janet will share a bit and then I will tell them our conversion story.
I will post pictures and another video as soon as I am able but we are having 14 hour days and are exhausted but there is much to do and little time to do it. I intend to come back to India and cover more cities with the truth of the Catholic Church. They are already planning a return visit for us. More soon. Keep us in your prayers as we leave tomorrow for Dubai to start all over again for another week!