If you haven’t gone out to the cinema to see BLIND SIDE yet, then get the your keys and your kids and GO! We saw it today with our daughter Emily and her friend Sean. We were moved to tears again and again.
It is a very Catholic movie, though it was not produced by Catholics (to the best of my knowledge) and never mentions the word “Catholic.” Yet it is the kind of movie that exhibits true Catholicism — putting ourselves aside to care for others less fortunate – to serve rather than to be served. I think a wise man said that a long time ago 🙂
I am writing a commentary on 1 and 2 Corinthians for www.CatholicScriptureStudy.com and the whole emphasis of the first ten chapters of 1 Corinthians is to give up your own lives to love others. This movie is a beautiful example of laying down your own life for the less fortunate.
A BIG black boy has no family. A Christian woman is driving along and sees him walking in the cold with no where to go. She says, “Get in the car!” and takes him to her million dollar house. I won’t tell you more — other than to say it is well worth the $8 (or whatever it is; Janet bought the tickets while I parked the car) and the few hours it takes to see it.
I will take my mom and dad (88 and 90 — recently celebrated their 70th anniversary) and my brother Dave to see the movie later this week since we loved it so much.
We need to support such movies and avoid the trash that seems to always get the big bucks. Let’s put our money where our faith is!