From my friend and Canon Lawyer Ed Peters: A remarkable essay by the Eagle of Fargo
One of the most important essays by a bishop on Canon 392 (the norm setting forth a bishop’s fundamental duty to supervise the enforcement of ecclesiastical discipline in his diocese) never mentions Canon 392; one of the most important essays by a bishop on Canon 915 (requiring ministers to withhold holy Communion from certain pubic sinners) never mentions Canon 915; and in fact, one of the most important essays on canon law generally by a bishop since the 1983 Code came out, was not written by a canonist bishop and scarcely even mentions the Code.
Instead, Fargo North Dakota Bishop Samuel Aquila’s (Bishop of Fargo) remarkable essay “Good Shepherd: Living Christ’s Own Pastoral Authority” (here) shows how a bishop who thinks with the Church can’t help getting the canonical big picture right at the same time. This should surprise no one, for canon law, in its turn, is all about getting the pastoral picture right.
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