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As the Presidential Election approaches in the United States of America, media outlets are targeting anyone and everyone who might potentially deter from delivering another Biden term.

In a deranged anti Christian tirade, MSNBC news commentators equated belief that your rights come from God with a new term called ‘Christian Nationalism’. The idea behind the term ‘Christian Nationalism’ is so that the mainstream can designate ordinary Christians as being terrorists.

LOL: MSNBC says if you believe your rights come from God (and not Congress), you are a Christian nationalist.

This equating of ordinary Christian beliefs with Islamist terrorism is going to become a more regular topic of debate as the election nears.

As a result of the attack from MSNBC, Bishop Robert Barron responded in a video by calling this approach dangerous.

Friends, I wanted to share some reflections with you concerning a recent clip I saw from @MSNBC, which was one of the most disturbing and frankly dangerous things I\u2019ve ever seen in a political conversation.

Bishop Robert Barron (@BishopBarron) February 23, 2024