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     On Monday, Steve will join Catholic Connections (9-10 AM Eastern) and Catholic Answers Live (7-8 PM Eastern) to discuss Electronic Bible & Catholic Study. He will provide resources and advice how to get started. 
     Find out why Steve never opens a Bible anymore and how he's able to carry 4,000 books in his backpack 🙂



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Visit Budget Scripture Software for the latest and best software at the guaranteed lowest prices. Thegoal is not to make money but to get Catholics using Bible software.

NEW!!  Catholic Resources on Logos

Listen to Steve's  Electronic Bible Study show on RealAudio. 

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NEW! Jimmy Akin's Comments on Logos and Harmony Media. I agree–Logos is fabulous for Bible study, Harmony is fabulous for Catholic study. The two make a great team. 

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(Picture: Steve doing Computer Bible Study with his daughter Emily.)