I am one but you’d see three,
and people barely think of me.
But I am often on their lips,
or found beneath their fingertips.
I warrant very little thought,
but with my help billions are taught.
And while I span a space so small,
I help you see what’s one, not all.
When God’s words first appeared on scrolls,
I was not found among their roles.
But in God’s word I’m now throughout,
to help you his will learn about.
Read just his first verse and his last,
and you’ve seen me there five times fast.
In fact this verse is one of few,
in which I’m not found through and through.
Although it’s true I’m found in “there”
but you will never see me here.


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  1. craig

    steve, can you give us a clue word?

  2. Deborah G

    The Holy Trinity!

  3. Jegsy Scarr

    The word “the”?

  4. Elizabeth Vasu

    The Holy Spirit?

    STEVE RAY HERE: No, sorry ?

  5. Adrienne Trimboli

    hmmm "THE" ?

    STEVE RAY HERE: yes!!

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