Archaeologist Discovers Tomb of Apostle Philip Where Tradition Says He Was Martyred

Everyone who knows me even a little knows how much I love Scripture and the history of the Early Church. That is why I get excited about news about biblical people and places.
I have a goal (almost completed) to visit the tombs of all the biblical characters. Today a new discovery was announced …
… the tomb of the Apostle St. Philip.
“On Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 the Turkish news agency Anadolu reported that archeologists had unearthed the Tomb of Saint Philip during excavations in the Turkish city of Hierapolis. The Italian professor Francesco D’Andria stated that scientists had discovered the tomb, within a newly revealed church. He stated that the design of the Tomb, and writings on its walls, definitively prove it belonged to the martyred Apostle of Jesus.”  (Wikipedia).
Latest breaking news report at Fox News. Another article with picture of the site here.

The Apostle (not deacon) St. Philip was born in Bethsaida along with Peter and Andrew (John 1:43-46). He was the one that brought the boy with the loaves and fish to Jesus along with Andrew (John 6:5-7). He helped bring the traveling Greeks to Jesus (John 12:20-22) and asked Jesus to the disciples the Father (John 14:8-13).
Can you imagine? This is 2,000 years ago, an original follower of Jesus and one who died to spread the Good News of the gospel!