Even though Turkey and Greece have been in the news lately, all is well. We are currently in the heart of Athens and I have been running through the city to keep up my miles. Pictures below are from today showing no one is disrupted here and life is going on as usual as if nothing happened.
Some bombs were sent to embassies in Athens but have not caused trouble for us. I am here now and have been out in the streets most of the day. (Packages were also sent to Chicago.) We are not near these happenings and are certainly not targets. We will only use Athens as a stopover before boarding the ship. Later we will visit the Acropolis and have Mass at the Cathedral.
My agents and friends in both countries confirm their is no problem for tourists and both countries are full of pilgrims and tourists who are having no problems or fears.
If any signed up for pilgrimage are concerned, call Corporate Travel at 800-727-1999 or me (they’ll give you my cell number here in Athens).
Our cruise is set and ready to go and the sites are all spectacular and biblical, food is exceptional, accommodations very nice and I’m ready to lead you in the footprints of St. Paul! The weather is PERFECT!
For those not going, watch for our videos right here!
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