It is sad that a priest who preaches so clearly and forcefully has to be considered “courageous.” This should be preached from every pulpit during the election season.

God bless Rev. Fr. John Lankeit of St. Simon & Jude in Phoenix Arizona. God bless Bishop Olmstead too!


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  1. Viviane Battle

    We need more Parish Priests to deliver this message from the pulpit. Excellent

  2. John Flaherty

    He does make a few errors:
    Where Pluralism inherently requires that all sets of principles be held equal, we fundamentally abandon any expectation to instill Christian values into Law when we agree that We, the People, are now and have always been, pluralistic.
    If one party has been most vocal against Affirmative Action and illegal immigration due to jobs and whatnot, both also wind up being ultimately about human dignity. We cannot discriminate in favor on one race or cultural norm without also inherently discriminating against another. Both thus should most properly be condemned for the evil intrinsic to these intentions. I have never seen cause to believe that any one race will hold hatred or love more vigorously than any other. We're all fully capable of grave human folly.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Sorry, but he does not make errors in his homily. Our country is pluralistic meaning it accepts people from all different cultures but it also expects a basic morality and human dignity and our country was originally founded on Christian principles and when we lose those Christian principles we will lose our country.

    Second it seems you’re implying the Republican party has been racist which is absolutely contrary to the facts. The Democrats have historically been the racists and the KKK party. Yes, we all are flawed human beings but those who will fully destroy human life in the womb are evil and need to be resisted at all expense.

    This priest is heroic and his points are a clear and clarion signal that I wish was preached in every parish.

  3. Thomas M Govern

    Let’s hope and pray that his example helps other good Priests to do the same. Our US Bishops need to make some similar moves.

  4. WK AIken

    Mr. Flaherty, I believe you missed Fr's point.

    The grave indignities of which you speak are true, unarguably. However, Fr used them as a metaphor; his further elucidation that intentional death inflicted for the same reasons raises (or reduces) indignity to outright murder. Therefore, the politics that surround and shield decisions taken are irrelevant to the gravity of the execution of millions of unborn.

    His illustration was not an attempt to belittle the indignities extant in his metaphors; it was only to demonstrate that there are matters of simple human life itself which transcend them.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Well said! Thanks WK!!

  5. Pat

    Assuming abortion is the only sin in the Bible. Extrajudicial killings of unarmed people that are not white is perfectly fine. Right. Condoning racism is racism.

    STEVE RAY HERE: Pat, this is one of the most uninformed and foolish comments ever left on my blog. Good grief! There is NO assuming abortion is the only sin in the Bible, in fact, abortion is not even mentioned in the Bible but it is certainly a heinous sin based on the Commandments, especially "Thou shalt not kill!" This is one of the worst sins ever — the killing of a person inside the womb.

    Who in the world supports killing non-whites? Where do you find this priest, me or any person of good will promoting the killing of non-whites or anyone else who is innocent. What a crazy assertion!

    Regarding 'racism' it is a sad state of affairs that if people like you (usually liberal leftists) don't like or approve of someone you simply parrot the leftist slogan "racist" whether the person is or is not. I find very few racists in our country. Maybe that is why people of color are not fleeing from America but fighting to get IN!

    If you are going to post stupid comments, do it somewhere else.

  6. Travis Real

    The GOP has no moral standing anymore when it comes to the issue of abortion.

    STEVE RAY HERE: The Republicans have a far clearer claim to being anti-abortion than the Democrats. Because we have a political system of two parties we support and back the best of the two and try in every way to bolster them to be stronger where they are weak. President Trump is a very pro life president and I support him staunchly.

  7. Pat

    Only a foolish and uniformed racist, evil child of Satan will use the name of God to justify your killings or enabling the killing of other human beings. The unborn is just as precious and deserving of life and dignity as black and brown people whose lives do not matter to you and your type.

    STEVE RAY HERE: I have moderated your comment so other people can see the irrationality that we are up against in the culture wars.

    WOW! Who pulled your chain? You either didn’t listen to the priest or you are completely incapable of reason. If you really want to have people listen to you I would suggest you tone down the rhetoric, speak with charity instead of seething anger and try using reason instead of merely hyped up emotion.

    You may want to find a better word to use than “racist” since it is so overused and exaggerated in the current hysteria. And when you call people “racist” who are not even close to being so, you do yourself a discredit and demonstrate a lack of perception.

    In the future, if you intend to post on my blog — follow my rules or don’t waste my time.

  8. Osler Rivas

    Priest Lankeit expounds on his beliefs that the Democratic candidate for presidency should not be chosen by Catholics because of the scandals he's had through the years and that he chooses the stance of the pro-choice movement. I am perturbed by this because the data he backs up his reasons with may not be entirely true. I know some Catholics believe that Trump may be a better candidate because he is against abortion. Every Catholic should know that abortion is absolutely not allowed. I am not that knowledgeable about the Democratic presidential candidate but one thing I am sure of is what the republican candidate believes about abortion. He denounces it, but he is vehement about his views that abortion can be performed in women whose pregnancy is a product of rape, incest, and the health of the woman. I want the priest or any Catholic to explain to me how Trump becomes the champion of the pro-life movement. How can he be one if he is for abortion of some products of conception? Don't those babies have the same right as the rest to live? This is just one of the many non-christian actions that Trump practices. The media, through the years, have mentioned numerous events in Trump's life, that should convince Christians to stay away from Mr. Trump. Of course, you can always believe that these are just fake news. If so, are you really certain which news to believe in? Or are you certain that news are fake if they don't place your candidate in a favorable light. Or, even more to the point, how much responsibility are you willing to bear, for the consequences of Trump's misdeeds or inactions?

    STEVE RAY HERE: First, we have two delegates for president. So in some cases we vote the lesser of two evils or the better of two goods. The Democratic Party holds as part of their platform that abortion up until and even after birth is acceptable and to be maintained at all cost. They do so almost as if it’s their sacrament. And they want to text me for all of this.

    What Trump believes about the extent of abortion is somewhat irrelevant when you look at his actual performance over the last four years. There is no speculation left about his position since he has proved to be the most pro-life president we’ve ever had in this country.

    Is trump perfect? No, no candidate for president ever has been; and Biden is sure pretty low on the totem pole and he can’t even put two sentences together and he’s gonna uphold the far left liberal position if he wins.

    If I had to have brain surgery and had to look for a good surgeon I would prefer an atheist who has an exceptionally good brain surgeon than a moral Christian who’s really lousy at it.

    We did not hire Trump because he has the best personality or style or morals in everyone’s opinion. We hired Trump to run our country because he’s a businessman and can clean out the garbage in Washington which he’s been doing quite effectively.

    If our country is going to survive as a democratic republic we’re going to need a man like Trump to clean house and that’s why I’m voting for him again. And that’s not the only reason, there’s a whole lot of others as well: the economy, 2nd Amendment, Defense of religious freedom, taking care of the military and the veterans, and so much more.

    Plus, I like to have a president who can think his way out of a bag and not one who can’t even string together sentences together Who would just be an empty bag to be manipulated by the extreme progressive left Orchard breaker country to ruin.

  9. Rodolfo Herrera

    This Homily was given back in October, 2016. Father John Lankeit caught COVID-19 this past June, 2020 I would like to know where he stands with this years election? Trump is now pushing Herd Immunity which would allow over 2 Million to die in order to build the population immunity. In addition, Hispanic and Black Americans are 2 X more likely to die compared to Whites I would like to know where he stands with the 2020 Election? Thanks!

    STEVE RAY HERE: Rodolfo, did Fr. John die? No! The problem with liberals is that they downplay the number of deaths that come from the virus but they keep telling how many people get the virus. The assumption in the liberal media is that everyone who gets the virus is going to die. The priest did not. You can lock people away and make them wear masks but eventually when you open things up again the virus is still here. The virus says, “Hello, I’m still here and you just prolonged the misery.”

    We talk about a vaccine but we still do not have a vaccine to cure AIDS nor the common cold. Why do we believe that we are going to come up with a vaccine that cures the virus under all conditions for everybody without any complications or side effects? And you talk about 2 million who will die? I think you should turn off CNN and MSNBC and start reading some real scientific documents. These numbers are completely out of the realm of science and are only proposed by the lunatic left.

    The only way this will ultimately be one is by her immunity and if you don’t like that just read your science. And I’ll tell you where Fr. John stands today, because he’s a rational Catholic and human being, he’s voting for Trump!

  10. James Hankins

    I have been searching for up-to-date info about my favorite pastor.
    The first link Rodolfo Herrera provided said that
    Rev. Rafael Umaña had tested positive, not Fr. John Linkeit.
    Is it appropriate to ask about his current status?

    STEVE RAY HERE: It is very appropriate to ask about him. But I don’t personally have any further info. I would suggest calling the about Fr. John Lankeit at St. Simon & Jude Cathedral in Phoenix Arizona.

  11. Matthew Ribarich

    Over the years that my wife and I have known Fr Lankeit, we have found he teaches with Catholic truth and Charity in his deliveries. It appears that those having issue with the truth being presented, are usually those who have voted for the Party of the KKK, the Party that voted against making Black Slaves, American citizens. Voted against the Civil Rights bills of the 1960’s AND vote for the Party that had to vote three times in 2012 to accept the WORD, God in it’s platform, and blindly ignore the financial support the Democrat party receives from PLanned Parenthood. PP was started by a White Racist woman,(Margaret Sanger) with the intent of”thinning out the weeds,as SHE called it) meaning lowering the numbers of minorities through Abortions. Unless rational folks can see and admit to their participation in the Abortion mindset and the political connection of the one party that THEY have been voting for, any and all truth shared with them will not matter until Jesus himself shares it with them one day!

  12. Gregory Fuentes

    Thank you for posting this truly awesome sermon. Prolife

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