I went for a walk around our yard today, still heavy with the dew. Couldn’t help testing out the camera on my new iPhone when I noticed this amazingly large mushroom that popped up overnight.

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The Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are leaving for the winter with wingbeats of 50 bears per second, flying from Michigan all the way south to Central America!

The whitecapped sparrows are arriving, apples are falling from our trees and a fragile Red-spotted Newt entertained us on our walk morning walk.

This caterpillar will soon go through an amazing metamorphosis, changing into a chrysalis and will rise again as a Giant Black Swallowtail.

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Janet and I admired the arriving color explosion as the trees here in Michigan change colors — displaying every imaginable shade of red and orange and yellow and brown.

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I expect God gets great pleasure enjoying the world he created, as we do. We also experience great joy by thanking him throughout the day for his creative majesty and his mercy.


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