Brian responded to my blog of the dangers of Islam  entitled Prepare for the Skyline of the Future. Here is his email and my response. This was stimulated it seems by the senseless an insane slaughter of Muslims in New Zealand by a hateful nutcase.


Thanks Steve
Respectfully I have to disagree with a lot of your Steubenville University address. Commonweal Magazine and America Magazine and the UK Tablet are my go to Catholic reading. I do read other more conservative views. I listen to EWTN but am very aware it is particularly North American in tone and register. It’s a pity there is not more Catholic radio and podcasts outside the US.

Our Catholic Bishop of Christchurch has reached out to the Muslim/Islamic community with these words, “We have been blessed by dialogue which has revealed the beauty and peace of those who live a religion of prayer, generosity and belief in the same God of Abraham in whom we believe.”

Also our visiting priest has written these words as well as quoting our bishop- “Christianity and Islam are two of the three (with Judaism) great monotheistic faiths. Together we are the descendants of Abraham who was the first to speak of one loving God, in an environment heavy with cult rituals to please and appease temperamental gods. The belief in one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is the greatest unifying conviction in human history.”

Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has instigated a ban on assault weapons. This will go through our Parliament. Our people want this. Also we are instigating an inquiry into why our secret services concentrated their monitoring on Muslims in New Zealand and ignored alt right white supremacists with their hateful ideologies directed towards Muslims and Islam. They took their eye off the ball.

You are a social media star of sorts among some Catholics. Surely it is your responsibility to not instill anxiety among conservative Catholics about Muslim “invasions”, by suggesting Christianity is under threat from Islam. With your reach on YouTube and other social media you could look at what interfaith groups are doing to build dialogue with our Muslim brothers and sisters. A good start could be to look at what we are starting to do here, in Christchurch New Zealand to build bridges, relationships and dialogue with our Islamic communities.

“We pray not just for healing of the injured and comfort to those who mourn, but for a renewed outreach to others in love, kindness and welcome.

New Zealand



I certainly appreciate your friendly and irenic tone. I’m sure you and I would agree on a lot of things and be good friends if we lived next door. I also appreciate the time you took to write a lengthy response sharing your ideas and thoughts and that of your bishop.

First, if these are your “go to sources” for all things Catholic, I can certainly understand why you believe as you do. I couldn’t disagree more and I see Islam as not so much a religion as it is a political ideology. When you’re on your island far removed from the rest of the world, or so it seems, it is easy to look at the “nice Muslims” that live among you and draw your conclusions about Islam from that. I find that the majority of people who are sympathetic to Islam itself, do so because they know “nice Muslims.“

But when you spend a lot of time in countries and cities that are predominately run by Muslims, like I do, you see a whole different face. When you look at the history of Islam from the 7th century until today you see violence and consistent persecution of Christians and an attempt to dominate by the sword. Mohammed is their model (as Jesus is ours) and he was very clear what his intentions were and the Koran is equally clear.

It’s unfortunate that so many people are being duped by Islam and the liberal Left and uninformed bishops and I’m afraid they will realize the truth of it when it’s too late.

I have good friends who are Muslims and they’re nice people but most of them do not practice what their religion/political ideology actually teaches which is why we consider them nice people. I don’t believe the “the radicals” are really radicals but the ripe fruit of Koranic Islam. It doesn’t take a lot of looking around the world, for example Nigeria and Egypt, etc. to see what’s actually going on in the world and it’s Islam that’s causing the problems.

Anyway, this is not an American perspective because I spend half of my time outside America and I spend the rest of it in other countries around the world including India, the Philippines, all over the Middle East and more.

Having said that, thanks again for writing, for your love of God and Our Lord Jesus Christ and God bless you and your family and all those you love.

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Update on Safety in Israel

by Steve Ray on March 25, 2019

Some people have been concerned regarding missiles that have been shot from Gaza into Israel. These kind of things happen periodically in Israel.

(Our March group in Israel).

Israel doesn’t allow it to happen for very long and the vast majority of the missiles land out in the desert without doing any damage. One hit a house with damage and injury.

What everyone needs to know, who travels with us on pilgrimages, is that these incidents are far removed from anywhere that we go. We don’t spend time in Tel Aviv or anywhere near Gaza. Our time is all spent far north in Galilee and in Jerusalem.  My friends and providers in Israel concur with my assessment.

If history is any indicator, this flareup will long be forgotten before we take our next group at the end of May. We have been to Israel over 160 times and have no concerns because we understand the area. We would never take anyone into harm’s way and if we had the least concerned we would cancel a trip rather than take a risk.

We took our grandchildren there recently and are planning to take them with us on a pilgrimage again. Janet and I would not do that if we didn’t feel certain of their safety  and the safety of all of our pilgrims.

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Here is the 2nd of 2 interviews between Steve Ray and Al Kresta on the amazing Catholic country of Poland. She has the richest heritage of modern saints in the 20th century including St. John Paul II, St. Maria Faustina and the Divine Mercy and St. Maximillian Kolbe. And don’t forget Edith Stein who died in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

We will walk in the footprints of these great saints and experience their country with all it’s beauty and history (not to mention great food and drink :-)

Learn more HERE. We have an interactive map of the sites we will visit, a full itinerary and you can even watch the 90 minute video of our past pilgrimage to Poland HERE.


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March 22, 2019

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Our Group after Mass at the Tomb!

March 18, 2019

Our group in Jerusalem on our last day after Mass at the Tomb!

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Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, Mass at Gethsemane, Holy Shroud Exhibit

March 16, 2019

We intended to start the day with the OUR FATHER in the place where Jesus taught the disciples to pray it. Pater Noster is a church on top of the Mount of Olives from where Jesus also ascended into heaven. However, due to conditions out of our control like huge traffic jams and trash in […]

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