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Sorry I’ve Fallen Behind

July 20, 2010

Sorry I’ve fallen behind on my blog but time is very limited and I’ve not had Internet access readily available. I’ve been limited to my iPhone. We have been giving 2 to 3 talks a day of 2-3 hours each. Exhausting and not leaving a lot of time for getting to Internet access to update […]

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Sorry the “Comments” have not been working – now fixed

May 12, 2010

For some reason there was a glitch which caused the spam to filter all Comments. It is now fixed. For those who want to leave reasonable Comments – you are welcome. For those who want to leave spam and hostile Comments – I moderate them all an allow only those that are appropriate. So, Comment […]

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Wanna Talk Catholic? Join the Discussion!

April 11, 2010

Our Defenders of the Catholic Faith Message Board is one of the best kept secrets! But, if you want to talk to fellow Catholics 24 hours a day around the world, join our free Message Board. Total topics 67602 | Total members 3614 The forums include The Pub, For Men Only, For Women Only, Family […]

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Big Poster! Big Priest! Good Friend!

April 1, 2010

Two weeks ago Fr. Geoff Horton was the 2 millionth poster on my Defenders of the Catholic Faith Message Board! (Join for incredible discussion, answers, and fellowship! – click here. Of all the people who have posted he has the third largest number of messages. He is a wonderful addition to the board and answers […]

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Coming soon: 2 millionth post on my Message Board!

March 15, 2010

Announcing that I will send a complete set our 7 completed FOOTPRINTS OF GOD DVD set to the person who posts the 2 millionth message on my Message Board at Only 3,900 posts to go!! This, by the way, is one of the favorite Catholic Discussion forums on the internet with tremendous Catholic participants […]

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Follow our Adventures on Twitter

February 14, 2010

If you want to follow our adventures and travels along with good quotes and information, follow up at

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Christmas Discounts on our Web Store

December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone. Steve Ray here. Almost everything’s on sale at our webstore and much of it qualifies for free shipping. Give your family and friends the gift of the truth, the Catholic faith, and our Lord Jesus. Check it all out at All the purchases help support our ministry and my homeschooling daughter […]

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Follow on Twitter, Facebook & this Blog

November 11, 2009

I will be updating Twitter several times a day during our upcoming pilgrimage. You can follow us at Sign up for regular updates. I will also be putting updates on Facebook at Sign up as a friend! On this blog I will uploading daily YouTube videos so you can join us on a […]

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Hope you like the new look!

September 15, 2009

We are working hard and fast to re-do the design and update the software for my website and blog. Hope you like the way it works. We will add a lot of new features and make it all easier and nicer to use. Bear with us over the next few days. Like having a baby, […]

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Stay Tuned for all New Web & Blog Design and Look

September 14, 2009

Our webmaster and computer genius Adam Henriksen is working at our house this week to upgrade and completely revise my websites, blog and stores. I think you will like the design and functuality. I am quite excited.

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JerusalemJones on Facebook

July 6, 2009

Add me as a friend on Facebook now with my new user name at:

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Now on Facebook too!

July 2, 2009 But nothing will show up THERE that doesn’t first show up HERE! But you are welcome to become my “FRIEND’ on Facebook.

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My New TV Shows Airing on CatholicTV in Boston

May 5, 2009

Starting today our new TV shows begin airing in Boston on CatholicTV. You can see their website here and their daily schedule here. You can learn more about our TV shows we’re developed at To see CatholicTV promos for our shows and get more info, click here. The first two weeks’ schedule for our […]

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Update on our Life & Travels

February 26, 2009

We are now geared up for a very busy four months! I have lost 2o lbs., Janet has lost 1o. We are healthy, fit and ready to go! I leave on Friday for an exciting Men’s Conference in Oklahoma City with 750 men! Then Janet and I fly to Athens to greet our 120 cruisers/pilgrims […]

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Steve’s New Brochure; Look OK?

February 13, 2009

It is a large file, but let me know if it looks OK. We wanted to get all our info into one comprehensive brochure. My son Jesse created it. Thanks Jesse!

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Great Time in Phoenix; Updates on Projects

February 8, 2009

It is 5:30 AM and I am sitting the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport waiting to board my plane back to Detroit after a great time here in Phoenix with a lot of 0n-fire Catholics at the conference in the Cathedral. It was a packed house with many of them converts, the rest those who have […]

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