Listening to God Conference: Join for Free

by Steve Ray on April 12, 2021

I will be joining Teresa Tomeo and about 50 others in this unique conference on how to listen to God.

I will be sharing in a live discussion with Teresa and Jeff Cavins on how to listen to God in Scripture.

Also, I give a talk on how to hear God’s voice in Scripture, how to be like a camel to get the most out of it, and how to respond when God does speak.

Click here to join for free.

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My good friend Jeries made some videos and took some pictures of the procession for Palm Sunday today. They processed with bagpipes down the Mount of Olives across the Kidron Valley and into the Old City of Jerusalem to the Holy Sepulchre and the Tomb.

We will be going back there in the fall and we hope you can join us! Enjoy the video!


The Lie Called “Black Lives Matter”

by Steve Ray on March 5, 2021


Rand Paul likens child sex-change procedures to ‘genital mutilation’ while grilling Biden’s transgender HHS nominee

February 25, 2021

As our country descends into the quagmire of insanity and ruined lives, moral and gender relativity and chaos, we better gird up our loins. We have a rough road ahead and Christians will become the scapegoats and accused of being “haters” and “bigots” and worse. Dr. Rachel Levine, who identifies as a transgender woman, is […]

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Afraid of the “Right” being violent with the transition? How fast we forget what the Left did when Trump was elected

January 13, 2021

Isn’t it amazing how the media and the world forgets how violently the LEFT reacted when President Trump was elected four years ago. And we ignore the fact that they were all violent through the last year with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. If you forgot what it was like four years ago, maybe remind […]

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Good Sign about Conduct at Mass

December 28, 2020

This notice on the bulletin board at a parish we visited on Sunday is proper and appropriate. It would be nice to see this at every parish and have people taught about proper conduct at Mass. We’ve all learned about proper conduct in a grocery store or a restaurant, so not a bad idea to […]

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In Georgia Trump gave the speech of …

December 5, 2020

Just watched Trump’s speech in Georgia. It was probably his best speech ever. Janet and I love it that he is not conceding and is declaring “war“ on the whole corrupt system. We all have to stand behind him and defend him against the corruption and deceitfulness of this recent election. We are pro-life and […]

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Don’t ever underestimate…

November 12, 2020

… our love for justice and the fight for freedom, the defense of human life, religious liberty and the life of our democratic republic. Hope you can show up in Washington DC this weekend! This is a fight for our country. This is a fight for fair and HONEST elections. 11/14/20: Freedom Plaza, Washington DC […]

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Frankly, I love Trump’s humor and personality; he wins the personality contest

October 28, 2020

This article in “The Catholic Thing” sure resonated with Janet and I. We’ve always said we really like Trump as a person and love his personality, wit, humor and sarcasm. We get it. We laugh. The Left has no humor. They don’t know how to laugh; they just get angry and shout. But we get […]

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Steve discusses “Catholics & Single Issue Voting” with Fr. McTeigue SJ on Stations of the Cross Radio

October 22, 2020

At 5 PM Eastern I will be interviewed by Fr. McTeigue SJ on “Catholics and Single Issue Voting.” It was pre-recorded, fast-paced and a bit feisty. Hope you enjoy it.

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Join us for Free Zoom Discussion on Defending the Eucharist

September 24, 2020
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Updates on the Appointment of a New Supreme Court Justice

September 22, 2020

If you don’t get the daily update from The Loop, I would highly suggest you check it out. Nice daily summary from Catholic Vote about Catholics and politics, important news, saint of the day, and more. Here are a few entries for today: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 ‘GOT THE VOTES’  Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-SC, […]

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A Good Read, about Fathers

September 1, 2020

I was proud to add my blurb on the back of the book “Because of Our Fathers” by Tyler Rowley and published by Ignatius Press. God reveals himself as Father for a reason. Earthly fathers have Him as their role model. No calling is more important —and it reflects the significance and glory of the […]

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Trump’s Speech Accepting his Nomination- Wow!

August 27, 2020

If you did not hear President’s speech on Thursday evening I would highly recommend you watch it online. You should listen to Trump’s speech when he accepted the nomination for president for another four years. He was on the top of his game and made us all proud. He buried the Democrats tonight. If you […]

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Hagia Sophia in Istanbul: No longer a church or museum; it is now a mosque

July 12, 2020

Sad news indeed, but certainly expected. Turkey has no desire to open itself to the world nor do they have a clue what to do with their national treasures. The only goal of the new despot Erdogan is to re-establish the old Muslim Ottoman Empire. For 1,000 years the massive Hagia Sophia was the largest […]

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Can’t Believe I Agree with Biden — not now but in 1993

June 16, 2020

Notice the two different Biden’s. We Remember! pic.twitter.com/dpBjmBuoKl — Karli Q ?????? (@KarluskaP) June 11, 2020

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