Did Jesus Ascend into Heaven from Mount of Olives (Acts 1:12) or from Bethany (Luke 24:50)?

May 30, 2019

Today is Ascension Thursday. The Ascension always falls on a Thursday, 40 days after Resurrection Sunday. Then 9 days of praying in the Upper Room (1st Novena) and on the 50th day from the Resurrection the Holy Spirit fell on Pentecost. Pentecost means “the fiftieth day.” One of our past pilgrims wrote to me expressing […]

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“The Longest Day” on Memorial Day in Prep for our own landing on Beaches of Normandy!

May 27, 2019

This week Janet and I are leaving for Paris France. Our group will follow us a few days later where we will be touring the Saints and Shrines of France. We will also be visiting Normandy where D-Day took place 75 years ago on June 6, 1944. Today we are watching that spectacular movie entitled […]

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Last Day Parts 1 & 2: Via Dolorosa, Calvary, Mass at Tomb, Dancing in Bethlehem, Farewells

May 17, 2019

Our last day here in Israel was packed with events including free time. The climax of our trip was the Via Dolorosa and touching the top of Calvary where the blood of Jesus flowed. After that we had a tour of the church of the Holy Sepulchre before we had Mass with the Franciscans at […]

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Day 7: Mass at Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, Upper Room, Mount Zion, Shroud Exhibit and more

May 15, 2019

In summary, today was surrounding the Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. We started with Mass at Gethsemane which for many people is the most moving site on the trip (homily here). Up to the Paternoster where Jesus taught his disciples to pray the Our Father and Ascended into Heaven. Upper Room and Church of […]

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Day 6: Museum, Jericho, Jordan River, Qumran, Dead Sea and Camels

May 14, 2019

This is more of a fun day.  We had Mass to start the day at the Notre Dame chapel (homily here).  We visit the Israel museum to see the city of Jerusalem on a small scale from the time of Christ. We also see the Dead Sea Scrolls before descending down into the Judean wilderness […]

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Day 5: Bethlehem all day AND Solemn Entry into Tomb

May 13, 2019

Today we spent the whole day in Bethlehem and had Mass in a cave. Again the homily was exceptional. We visited the Church of the Nativity to touch the Birthplace of Christ and spent time shopping and supporting the local Christians. We drove to the Promenade where I told my “Story of Salvation History from Adam […]

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Day 4: Capernaum, Boat Ride, Eating St.Peters Fish, Visitation & Arrival in Jerusalem!

May 12, 2019

Today is the big transition from a Galilee to Jerusalem. We only move once during our pilgrimages for the convenience of the people. This morning was all about the Sea of Galilee where we had Mass at Capernaum where Jesus said “Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood.” The readings were from John chapter 6 – […]

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Beatitudes, Caesarea Philippi, Golan Heights, Syrian Border, Galilee & Gastronomic Heaven

May 11, 2019

On our third day here in the Holy Land we spent the day in the north. Mass at Beatitudes (homily here). One of the highlights was visiting Caesarea Philippi where Jesus said “You Are Peter and on This Rock I Will Build My Church…” Steve gave his talk “Peter: the Rock & Keys.” We  stopped […]

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Excellent Journal of all Aspects of our Pilgrimages to the Holy Land

May 11, 2019

If you want to read an excellent journal and recap of one of our Holy Land pilgrimages, you will love reading these insightful well-written entries covering all aspects of the trip. Glenn Juday is a scientist, scholar and writer. He covers things from safety to biblical understandings, from the people he met to sites we […]

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Plants and Trees of the Bible – What a Fun Show!

May 10, 2019

You may not realize how often plants and trees play a part in Scripture! To understand the land and culture of the Bible is to open your eyes to the whole story of salvation. Recently I did a fun show on Relevant Radio about the Trees & Plants in the Bible. Hope you enjoy it. […]

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Excited Pilgrims Arrive in Holy Land Anticipating God’s Blessings!

May 9, 2019

Everyone arrived in good order and in good time. They’re a bit tired; everyone is excited to arrive on the shores of the Sea of Galilee for dinner and a moonlight Mass (homily here), their first in the Holy Land! See you tomorrow for a busy day at the Mount of Transfiguration, renewal of wedding […]

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Facts and Figures about Islam in Israel – Different than you might think

May 8, 2019

Behind the Headlines: Facts and Figures – Islam in Israel “The State of Israel…will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions.” –Israel’s Declaration of […]

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Walk and Mass: Sunday Morning in Rome

May 5, 2019

Janet and I wanted to see the newly restored and uncovered marble steps at the Scala Sancta Church so we took an Uber car there this morning. We then walked around Rome, had Mass at San Clemente in front of the bones of my two favorite Apostolic Fathers, St. Ignatius of Antioch and St. Clement […]

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Check Our Popular Family Christmas Holy Land Pilgrimage

April 26, 2019

Our Family Christmas Holy Land Pilgrimage has become very popular!  You are home for Christmas day and in Jerusalem during Christmas break! It is amazing to watch the kids interact over these eight days and the impact on their spirituality is tremendous. Check out our trip this year! Convenient to have the dates over Christmas […]

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Pilgrimages Compared to Car Dealerships

April 22, 2019

There are two big issues people struggle with before going to Israel: safety and price. We will deal with safety later, but let’s deal first with price. You’ll notice that my prices are typically $500 – $1000 more than other pilgrimages. If you compare prices on the website you’ll find this to be true. I […]

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Wow! Sistine Chapel Explained; Now You See Why We Only Use Liz as our Guide in Rome!

April 21, 2019

We have a special Advent Pilgrimage to Italy in early December this year AND LIZ IS OUR GUIDE! Take a look at this video to see Liz’s amazing knowledge, passion for the Catholic Faith and eloquence. Enjoy this amazing video. To join our upcoming pilgrimages, visit our page here. We will spend two nights in […]

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