Farewells & Comments from Amazing Mexico!

by Steve Ray on December 5, 2018

It’s always sad to say goodbye to people after being with them 9 or 10 days. This pilgrimage through Mexico went flawlessly. We emphasized Guadalupe and the Catholic heritage of this land but also the cultural, historical, and fun aspects. We enjoyed the close contact and fellowship with the Mexican people .

Everyone had a great time and the fears that Americans tend to have, and the preconceived ideas of what Mexico is like, were all blown to pieces. Mexico is a beautiful, safe, clean and Catholic country.

Here are the comments and thoughts as shared by the pilgrims.

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We are all still reeling from the experience as yesterday at Guadalupe. And this being our last day, is more for fun and relaxing before heading back to the United States.

We started the day with a short drive to Xochimilco where we boarded colorfully  painted gondolas and went through the canals being serenaded by mariachi bands and eating corn on the cob.

We spen time strolling through the exotic Village Market selling meat and fish and all sorts of foods and crafts. It was really something to see.

Right in the center of this market is a quaint and highly decorated little chapel where the locals come at noon for Mass and we had our Mass there today. Homily here.

Then everyone had the rest of the day and evening free to get there final shopping done, rest up, pack and get ready to go home tomorrow morning.


Guadalupe All Day! Day 8 of our Mexico Pilgrimage

by Steve Ray on December 3, 2018

Today is the pinnacle of our pilgrimage through Mexico. We started in the outlying areas learning the history, culture, and backdrop for the Catholic heritage of Mexico. We learned of the first Spanish missionaries who came, the first baptisms and the Mass conversions due to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Our guide Roberto is a wealth of knowledge, a devout Catholic and an amazing historian. He has been able to clearly relay the history of Mexico and the foundations of the Catholic Church here with great clarity and enthusiasm.

Now today, everything culminates with a visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is the most visited Catholic shrine in the world. Over 20,000,000 people come to visit Guadalupe each year. Even as we’re driving in the streets today and the highways we see processions of people walking and riding bikes and taking buses to be at Guadalupe for December 12.

We started the day by going straight to see the Tilma with the image of Our Lady before the crowds arrived. What an amazing time — I could see it in the faces of the pilgrims.

Then Roberto took us on a tour of the whole shrine. We had Mass in front of the Tilma with Mary’s image. Fr. James Conlon’s homily is here.

Then a “delicioso” lunch just outside the shrine. Then everyone had the rest of the afternoon free to pray, explore and enjoy Guadalupe! Enjoy!


Mexico City: Cathedral, Aztecs and Human Sacrifice, Miguel Pro

December 3, 2018

Walking tour of Mexico City starting with the magnificent Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the oldest, largest and most important cathedral in Latin America. We had Mass here and Fr. James’ homily is here. To demonstrate that Christianity conquers paganism, the cathedral was built atop the […]

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Mexico 6: Climbing Pyramids, Eating Ant Larvae, First Baptismal Font in New World and more

December 2, 2018

Tlaxcala for Mass and renewing baptismal vows in Cortez’s don’t from 1520. Fr. Jame’s homily and whole baptismal renewal here. Lunch in a La Gruta, an underground cave. Great food including ant eggs and larvae. Climbing the Teotihuacán Pyramids and arrival in Mexico City. PART ONE: PART TWO:

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Aztecs, Human Sacrifice and the Catholic Faith

December 2, 2018

 Today we visited the Aztec Temple in Mexico City. The cathedral of Mexico City was built right next to the 500-year temple. I did a lot of study on the Aztecs and their massive human sacrifices and cannibalism. I realized there was a great tie-in with the Catholic faith, the sacrifice of Christ and abortion […]

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Touring Amazing Puebla, Cathedral, Rosary Chapel, Cooking Class and more…

November 30, 2018

PART ONE: We started this very event full day with a walking tour of Puebla. What a beautiful and historic and Catholics city. A highlight or certainly they magnificent Cathedral. Our lunch was exquisite with tortilla soup and some appetizers we can’t even describe. The fillet mignon with a local Puebla sauce was unbelievable. We […]

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Mexico Day 4: From San Miguel to Puebla

November 29, 2018

Lot of time on the comfortable bus today but it was very profitable and fun. We watched the movie “For Greater Glory” about the Cristeros from 100 years ago and their courageous fight against the anti-Catholic Mexican government. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes. It was especially moving knowing we were in the very part […]

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Mexico Day 3: San Miguel (St. Michael) de Allende and Atotonilco Sanctuary

November 28, 2018

I wish we had Catholic cities like this in the United States. San Miguel de Allende is full of churches and convents and generous kind people. We took an amazing walking tour through the city learning many of the secrets and surprises of the present and the past. Then we went to the Sanctuary at […]

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Querétaro Mexico – Fascinating Day

November 27, 2018

People have no idea how marvelous Mexico is. All of our folks are having a fantastic time in this friendly, peaceful, Catholic and beautiful country. Enjoy Fr. James’ great homily (soon) and our whole day in Querétaro Mexico!

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First Surprising Day in Mexico!

November 26, 2018

I say “surprising” because most people in the United States consider Mexico to be dangerous, dirty, unfriendly and they might even get kinapped or acquire Montezuma’s revenge. This is old thinking because Mexico, at least the places were visiting, is clean, safe, friendly, very Catholic and has some of the best hotels and restaurants that […]

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November 25, 2018

By the end of 2018, Israel expects to reach and even surpass the 4 million tourist mark. 19 November 2018 11:53 “On Friday (November 16), Israel broke the all-time 2017 record for incoming tourism to Israel of 3.6 million tourists. This new record follows on from October’s record as the highest monthly record ever registered in […]

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Steve’s 6-Minute Perspective on St. Peter’s in Rome

October 31, 2018

This was my spontaneous explanation to my group of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. I shared the story of my first visit here as a Catholic. It’s only 6 minutes long.

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Rome 3: Peter in Chains, Roman Forum, Colosseum and more

October 30, 2018

Our last day of the cruise and extension to Rome. Tomorrow morning we all head back home. But today was an exciting day to put the frosting on the cake. We started out with Mass at the Church of St. Peter in Chains. (Fr. Cole’s homily here.) This church contains two sets of chains that […]

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Rome 2: St. Peters Basilica, Martyrdom and Bones of St. Paul

October 29, 2018

We started today with Mass at St. Peter’s in the Hungarian Chapel. It was nice and quiet and private, down in the Crypt with the tombs of all the popes. You can hear/see Fr. Cole’s excellent homily here. Then we followed the footprints of Saint Paul to the place where he was martyred and I […]

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Arrival in Rome

October 29, 2018

Most of our group returned back to the United States today but smaller contingency of us continued on to Rome. We boarded the Aegean Airline flight from Athens for the two hour flight. We started the day with Mass of San Stefano Rotondo. Fr. Cole’s homily here. Lunch (wow, back in Italy with the best […]

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