Catholic Answers Live

From those who oppose the Catholic Church to those who are thinking about entering, in this show, we take a break from talking with Catholics to answer questions about the Faith from non-Catholics.

Questions Covered:

  • What did you just do in France? What was it like to be at D-Day commemoration at Omaha Beach in Normandy France?
  • Did you find the Catholic Faith Dead in France?
  • What should we think about the Papacy? Is the Pope beyong criticism?
  • 13:03 – Why don’t Catholics keep the Sabbath on Sunday?
  • 16:40 – Must I give up my King James Bible if I become Catholic?
  • 21:07 – I disagree with Catholic teaching of pagan gods and goddesses. Can you explain why John Paul II attended an interfaith summit that might have been people worshiping pagan gods?
  • 43:15 – I don’t think the Catholic Church has apostolic succession. When Christ said, upon this rock… he was simply referring to faith in Christ.
  • 49:54 – Did you travel before you became Catholic? How has being Catholic affected your traveling ministry?
  • 52:00 – Has the Catholic Church defined what is literal and figurative in the Bible? It seems like Scripture is all open to interpretation.
  • What about Eastern Orthodox Churches? Are they Catholic? What should we think of them?


Steve Ray describes the events in Jerusalem surrounding Christ’s Passion.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 4.50.37 PMPeople asked 1) How long was Jesus on the Cross? 2)  How long was Jesus in the Tomb? and 3) Was Jesus clothed or naked during the crucifixion? I have written about all three of those topics HERE.

Questions Covered:

  • What was Jerusalem like during the Passion?
  • What was the population of Jerusalem?
  • Who were the enemies of Jesus?
  • What was the political mood?
  • 13:29 – How long was Jesus on the cross for?
  • 18:23 – Do we know where Jesus carried the cross or how far?
  • 23:01 – How likely is it that our Lord was crucified completely naked?
  • 30:01 – I just came back from the Holy Land. Is there a chance that the Temple could have been where the dome of the rock is today?
  • 34:56 – What is the official ruling on Jesus death and the timing of his resurrection? Did he rise after three days or did he rise on the third day?
  • 42:27 – It doesn’t seem like there would have been enough accommodations for that many people in the city. How was the number of 180,000 people reached?
  • 45:57 – The Passion movie shows damage being done to the temple when Jesus died. Is there evidence for this?
  • 47:44 – Was the Seder meal instituted before or after Jesus?
  • 50:13 – In the Passion that Mel Gibson directed, he portrays Satan as lurking around. Did Satan know that Jesus was going to die for our sins or was he unaware?

Resources Mentioned:


The Papacy, What the Pope Does and Why It Matters (Steve’s new book)

 February 25, 2019 – 7pm

Questions Covered:

  • 12:30 – If every bishop and priest is a successor of Peter, why is the bishop of Rome the sole successor of Peter?
  • 15:34 – Our pope was talking about the Mark of the Beast. How are we meant to understand this?
  • 22:34 – How do you justify Frances being called Pope when the Pope before him is still alive?
  • 35:37 – I want to clarify the orthodox position on the bishops. Also, if Christ gave Peter the keys of the Church, why isn’t he the Pope of Antioch?
  • 40:20 – Is there such a thing as an anti-pope?
  • 45:08 – Did the popes and bishops marry at first? If so, why did they stop doing that?
  • 49:12 – Why do we call the Pope the Holy Father when the bible says to call no man father?

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