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St. Cyprian of Carthage (beheaded 257 AD) one hundred and fifty years before the New Testament writings were collected into one book called “The Bible”:

“The Lord says to Peter: ‘I say to you,’ He says, ‘that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it. And to you I will give the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatever things you bind on earth shall be bound also in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth, they shall be loosed also in heaven.’

“And again He says to him after His resurrection: ‘Feed my sheep.’ On him He builds the Church, and to him He gives the command to feed the sheep; and although He assigns a like power to all the Apostles, yet He founded a single chair, and He established by His own authority a source and an intrinsic reason for that unity. Indeed, the others were that also which Peter was; but a primacy is given to Peter, whereby it is made clear that there is but one Church and one chair.

“So too, all are shepherds, and the flock is shown to be one, fed by all the Apostles in single-minded accord. If someone does not hold fast to this unity of Peter, can he imagine that he still holds the faith? If he desert the chair of Peter upon whom the Church was built, can he still be confident that he is in the Church?”

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Here is my talk on “Peter: the Rock, the Keys & the Chair” Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!



Onesimus here! I’m reflecting on St. Paul’s Letter he just wrote about me to my Owner, Philemon, as recorded by Paul in his Letter to Philemon:

I was a slave—his property. He owned me. He controlled every minute of my life. I could not think, act or decide for myself. I ate and slept when or if he allowed me to. I had no rights, no personal life, and no freedom. Few laws restricted the treatment of slaves in the Roman Empire.

357C1543-DD9B-48C8-9F10-B6668D8D6675-1442-0000054BAFC02A23Some were treated with respect, as members of the household; others were ill-treated. I was a piece of property. Escape and freedom consumed my thoughts by day and my dreams by night. To have a family, to go where I wished, to be out from under the hard work and harsh laws—to be free!

My name is Onesimus and my master is, or should I say was, Philemon. I say was because I robbed him, escaped and ran. As a fugitive I traveled over a thousand miles toward Rome where I could anonymous; lost in the teeming crowds and far from my old master.

The punishment meted out to an escaped slave was brutal, especially to a thief. But when I finally crept into Rome under cover of night, I was soon surprised. The surprise changed all my plans. I ended up going back to my master of my own free will—but let’s not get ahead of the story.

SlaveAbout five or six years ago an itinerant preacher had visited in Ephesus and since Ephesus was the gateway to Asia Minor everyone in our area eventually heard his message (Acts 19:10, 26).

This preacher’s name was Paul and he was announcing a new god—one that claimed to be the one and only true God. This new deity’s name was Jesus Christ. I was a slave in the neighboring city of Colossae, about 100 miles to the southeast. (Col 4:9).

My master Philemon passed through Ephesus on one of his journeys where he heard Paul preaching. He became a follower of this new deity and became a Christian. Paul never visited Colossae but his influence was sure felt. When my master returned home changes took place; he even turned the house into what he called a “church” where they had weekly meetings.

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download (4) This is a common fallacy among Protestants. Now that Jesus has become our high priests, priests are no longer needed; in fact, they detract from the priesthood of Christ. We don’t need priests now because Jesus has become our one and only High Priest.

We believers are all priests in the New Covenant. We are the “priesthood of all believers” and there is no need or biblical suggestion that there should be priests in the Church.

download (2)This is a typical reaction to the priesthood in the Catholic Church. Is it valid? Did the Catholic Church create a man-made institution to supplant the work of Christ. The answer, of course, is a resounding NO. The priesthood was intended for the Church from the beginning, practiced by the very first Christians and is easily and readily defended from the Bible and the very earliest traditions.

Jimmy Akin has an excellent article that lays it all out in a simple and understandable way. You can read the whole thing here. See his debate on the priesthood here.

download (3)But here is a simple chart to help visualize the correspondence between the Old and the New Covenants remembering that the Church is the New Israel and would be assumed to have a similar structure of priesthood, authority and structure.

OLD TESTAMENT  =  Aaron the High Priest + Levitical Ministerial Priesthood + Priesthood of all the Israelites

NEW TESTAMENT  = Jesus the High Priest + Ordained Ministerial Priesthood + Priesthood of all believers.

The parallels are always remarkable because, well, that is the way God intended it to be. Welcome to the fullness of the faith and Scripture in the Catholic Church!




My Response: Defending the Assumption & Queenship of Mary

February 16, 2020

Reposting a blog on Assumption I wrote ten years ago. Link to my long defense is here. The Assumption of Mary always ruffles the feathers of anti-Catholics. I understand why. I used to be in their camp — I joined them in lockstep chanting the same slogans and mantras against “Catholic Tradition” and “man-made dogmas.” But […]

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How Did the Israelites Find their Way without a Compass?

February 13, 2020

How did the Israelites think of north, south, east and west without a compass, GPS or even a map? Since I am in the heart of Israel today with our Holy Land Part II pilgrimage, I thought this would be an interesting topic. Here is a short article written by Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg. We read in […]

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The Birth of the Catholic Church

February 11, 2020

 “That they may become perfectly one.” Christ’s prayer for unity resonates clearly with us. He prayed not only for our union with him and his Father but for the unity of all mankind. Teach your customers about early Church history. In his stirring talk “The Birth of the Catholic Church,” biblical expert and former Protestant […]

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Traveling with Paul, Mary and the Apostles in the 1st Century was TOUGH!

February 6, 2020

Jostling through the crowds Paul and Luke pushed their way to the ramp. The wooden cargo ship was ready to leave Caesarea and they had gathered the last of their supplies. They pressed the silver denarii into the hands of the sailer at the dock. They were allowed onto the ship. They rushed to the […]

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How to be Saved: Catholic vs. Protestant

February 4, 2020

Written by Mike Cousineau… Protestant & Catholic theology differ regarding salvation: The Catholic Church’s teaching regarding salvation has not changed one iota for nearly 2,000 years. Among the now over 40,000 Protestant denominations, their salvation theology has changed substantially from the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, starting in 1517. Can anyone identify some of the […]

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Pictures of the Presentation of Our Lord

February 3, 2020

Sunday was the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord. I have two radio shows today on this topic so I put up a few pictures of what I think it may have looked like. ant Radio’s Morning Air on the presentation. You can listen to a podcast id did on the Presentation a year ago here. My […]

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Podcast: Steve Ray on Jesus and the Gospels

January 27, 2020

A week ago I had a delightful time discussing the Gospels and how they portray God in the flesh, God in motion in Jesus Christ. We also discuss Pope Francis and many other topics. You can listen by clicking on the  ? below, or by visiting their website. The podcast is less than 30 minutes […]

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2 Timothy: St. Paul’s Last Letter before Martyrdom

January 26, 2020

2 Timothy: Last Words of Paul Written from the Mamertine Prison By Steve Ray [NOTE: In my articles on the Pastoral Epistles, I use each one to relay a theme: 1 Timothy emphasizes Timothy; Titus emphasizes Paul’s ecclesiology; 2 Timothy emphasizes the end of Paul’s life.] It was dark and damp. The scurrying feet of […]

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Feast Day: 1 Timothy: Paul’s Young Convert and Faithful Fellow-worker

January 25, 2020

[NOTE: In my articles on the Pastoral epistles, I use each one to relay a theme: 1 Timothy emphasizes the life of Timothy; Titus emphasizes Paul’s ecclesiology; 2 Timothy emphasizes the end of Paul’s life.] He was a young man with a past and because of this letter, many were now aware of his past. […]

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“Becoming Catholic” – A Friend’s Protestant World Collapsed and his Profound Discovery of the Church BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED!

January 16, 2020

An enthusiastic Evangelical Protestant got in touch with me over a year ago with a thousand questions. I usually don’t have time for this kind of discussion, but there was something different about this guy. He was a music leader, actor, speaker and involved in a Protestant church that collapsed due to in-fighting and bitterness. […]

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Ironic Twist to a Devastating Story; Why Did God Allow Sin?

December 30, 2019

I just finished writing my book on Genesis to be published by Ignatius Press. This section I wrote was so exciting and ironic I had to share it, especially since this is Christmas when God became Man. Here is a small section of what I wrote: But why didn’t God prevent Adam and Eve from sinning? […]

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Steve Ray at Israel Museum Shows How The Temple Demonstrates Our Salvation in Christ

December 6, 2019

While visiting the Temple Model in the Israel Museum, few people understand what they are looking at. The Temple tells the whole story of our salvation and the relationship between the Old Testament and New. In this 5-minute video I talk about Jew and Gentile, circumcision and faith. I hope this helps you understand the […]

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Pope Francis Fired Theologian Muller Who Now Explains the Faith – Excellent!

November 30, 2019

Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who was recently fired by Pope Francis, recently wrote a magnificent “Manifesto of the Faith.” This video was written and produced as a response to the unfortunate confusion in the Vatican today. It is an excellent audio-visual presentation of the […]

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