Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Questions Covered:

  • 13:18 – Why is the sacrifice of the mass so important to Catholics? 
  • 20:09 – How would Steve respond to non-Catholics who say “keep doing this in remembrance of me not in sacrifice of me” from Corinthian’s 11:24? 
  • 30:55 – What is the difference between the consecration of the bread versus the wine. For instance, when the priest holds up the host and says, “this is my body which will be given up for you and for many,” why is that different from when the wine is held up and he says, “this is my blood given up for you?” 
  • 34:31 – Why do many parishes not offer the cup to drink during communion, and how is that scriptural according to John 6 
  • 41:13 – Does Steve have any suggestions on how to teach children on the sacrifice of the mass? 
  • 46:34 – How can we as Catholics, who accept Jesus in the holy sacrifice of the mass as our lord and savior, be able to evangelize our secular and Pagan world by being tabernacles of his presence? 
  • 49:27 – Steve, how have we separated from our Protestant brothers and sisters over the sacrifice of the mass and how can we help them understand the truth of the consecration?