Saturday, December 19, 2020

Only 1 minute and 30 seconds long. I agree with him completely!


Listen to audio or watch on YouTube below.

Fun show about the Nativity: People and Things Present at the Nativity including the cave, the star, Mary and Joseph, the Tomb of Rachel, shepherds and magi, sheep and angels – and much more. Fun show.

We started by discussing Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary, the cave and the dangers of travel in biblical times.

Questions Covered:

  • 15:57 – Can you tell us more about the Wise Men? 
  • 22:52 – Why is the entrance to the Nativity in Bethlehem so low to get into? Why is there so much division over the location? 
  • 30:05 – What was the timeline of the birth of Jesus to the presentation and then the flight into Egypt? 
  • 34:00 – When Joseph traveled with Mary, did they travel alone without other people? Was that true and was that unsafe? 
  • 41:17 – Why did the angel of the Lord go to Shepherds first? 
  • 43:48 – What was the topography of the journey that Mary made to Elizabeth? 
  • 49:20 – You said you think the star was a miracle. How could this be if the star first led them to the evil Herod? 
  • 51:17 – What is the meaning of the Nativity scene in the Vatican?

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