50+ of the Best Catholic Bible Experts Conference

by Steve Ray on November 18, 2020

Stay tuned! 50 of the top Bible scholars and teachers yours for FREE. January 8-10. More info soon.


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Thomas M Govern November 18, 2020 at 10:46 PM

I am 72 years old and for most of my blessed Catholic life, the Bible was ignored by the catechists of my Church. In my lifetime, Catholics have never been taught to be Bible enthusiasts. Until I had a major issue with a son, and really looked to the Bible and apologetics to defend my faith I discovered the Bibles value. I discovered that the Bible was a friend, proving the Catholic Churches teachings. Great Catholic apologists, especially Steve Ray, Scott Hahn, Staples, Akins and the Catholic Answers crew, helped me see the source of Catholic beliefs, the Bible. I never thought that I would be a Bible Catholic! Thanks to all of your efforts to help me see. Salvation history is the key to our Catholic faith, the Bible documents it and makes it come alive.

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