Friday, October 16, 2020

download (2)Today I will pre-record a radio show with Fr. McTeigue SJ, on The Stations of the Cross Radio network. The discussion is entitled “In Defense of Single Issue Voting.”

I will make the case that if today one political party held slavery as legal and the other opposed it, that slavery would become a single-issue voting issue. Everything else would pale in comparison.

How can we consider abortion any less of a single voting issue? Human life and dignity and freedom are the bedrock of our Catholic Faith and of our country.

In 1857 the Supreme Court ruled that slavery was legal and that Blacks were no citizens. To rule for Dred Scott’s freedom  would “improperly deprive Scott’s owner of his legal property”.

Some day future historians will look back and compare the Dred Scott case with the Roe vs. Wade case. Shame on us!!

download (1)If our country survives for another hundred years with any semblance of godliness and goodwill, our future citizens will look back at horror at Roe, just as we today all look back with horror at the Dred Scott case allowing slavery.

If we get the human life issue wrong, we get everything else wrong since it all hinges on human dignity and freedom.

If a rocketship sets off a fraction of an inch off its trajectory, it will land a million miles from its destination. Get the human life issue wrong and we will end up enslaved to a godless tyranny. God have mercy on our country.


Today is the feast day of one of my all-time favorite heroes. HE made me Catholic.

[For my 90-minute adventure documentary on Ignatius of Antioch along with four other Apostolic Fathers, get Apostolic Fathers, Handing on the Faith. For more info see below.]

There are Apostolic Fathers and Fathers of the Church. What is the difference? Fathers of the Church are those bishops, priests, and theologians of the first eight centuries who taught and wrote and who helped define the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

IMG_2667Apostolic Fathers fit into that category but they have a subcategory of their own – the KNEW the Apostles. They did not have New Testaments under their arms but they did have the voice of the Apostles ringing in their ears. They learned personally from the Apostles.

Look at this chart below to see how close they are to the time of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. These are the guys who made me Catholic. If you haven’t read their writings, you should. (I don’t know who made the chart but would love to give him credit if I find out.)

Here is a chart I made for our documentary Apostolic Fathers: Handing on the Faith.

Timeline 2 copy_supersmall.jpgDownload a Free copy of the Apostolic Fathers Timeline


This amazing Timeline drives home the point of how close these men were to Jesus and the Apostles. It demonstrates how Catholic the first Christians really were!


 The Apostolic Fathers faced Emperors, heretics and lions but these heroes of the Catholic faith never lost courage. Chains, prisons and blood-soaked arenas did not stop the early Christians from witnessing for Christ and handing on the Apostolic Tradition.


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