Tuesday, September 22, 2020

9B4B6514-741D-4C0A-BBE6-B9D2804870E2Joe Biden claims to be a devout Catholic and the media says that is good! He gains his values from his Catholic Faith (really?)

528CEA76-2D0C-481C-BB12-9D49F01B5720But why then is it bad that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a devout Catholic and should be smeared and disqualified as a judge because she gains her values from her Catholic Faith?

I’m confused?  Am I missing something?


Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a practicing and faithful Catholic who believes and follows the teachings of the Bible and the Church (unlike Biden who flaunts his disregard for Catholic teaching).

Barret is a member of a charismatic Catholic Bible Study and Praise group called “People of Praise”. For this, she is being bashed as the media is already starting the character assassination. Read it HERE.

But what IS the People of Praise really? You can read that HERE.


If you don’t get the daily update from The Loop, I would highly suggest you check it out. Nice daily summary from Catholic Vote about Catholics and politics, important news, saint of the day, and more. Here are a few entries for today:

‘GOT THE VOTES’  Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-SC, said that Senate Republicans “got the votes” to confirm a Supreme Court nominee before Election Day. “We’re going to have a process that you’ll be proud of,” Graham said. “The nominee is going to be supported by every Republican in the Judiciary Committee, and we’ve got the votes to confirm the justice on the floor of the Senate before the election. And that’s what’s coming.”  READ
ELECTIONS & SUPREME COURT  President Trump emphasized the fight over the Supreme Court vacancy during a rally of supporters in Swanton, OH. “I will soon announce a nominee for the United States Supreme Court. They say it’s the most important thing a president can do,” Trump said.  READ
TRUMP MEETS BARRETT  President Trump met with Judge Amy Coney Barrett at the White House yesterday, several sources told Fox News. Barrett is considered the favorite for the Supreme Court among pro-life activists and is also favored by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. President Trump is expected to make an announcement on Friday or Saturday.  READ