Saturday, September 12, 2020

Maybe you’re like me (aside from being born with Cerebral Palsy and defying doctors’ pronouncements, by the grace of God, that I would be confined to a wheelchair and relegated to a vegetative state). Maybe you grew up in North America and lived a sheltered, comfortable life, and God was—although you would never say it, or consciously think it—there to do your bidding.

You want a new pair of shoes? Ask God. Scared of an impending summer storm that could possibly turn into a tornado? Pray to God. Promise Him that, if this storm passes, and you and your family remain unscathed, you will try harder to be a “good person,” get to know Him more intimately, and go to church more often.

Well, those shoes you wanted? You got them. That storm you were afraid of, that could have destroyed your house and taken your family? It passed. Out of thankfulness, you kiss the gold cross around your neck. You go to church on holy days. And you even listen to your grandmother tell you about how Jesus has changed her life, and she couldn’t do life without Him, without His word. It sounds so foreign. If you were around other family members—much less friends—while she would bear witness to Jesus, you just . . . smiled . . . nervously, and tried not to be embarrassed. When I was a child, I reasoned as a child.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe, when you entered college or university, a couple things happened: One, you were old enough to drink and go to bars with your buddies. Awesome. Two, the things you were taught about, well, everything, growing up—the things you took for granted about religion, history, life itself—began to be challenged. It was at this stage that I began to notice something: I was raised a “Christian.” North America was a “Christian” civilization.

How was it, that I, a Christian in a Christian county (Canada), could go to bars, even strip clubs, with a cross around my neck, with the aim of getting smashed, talking crudely about women, all while having no qualms about bragging that I had been saved. I was heaven-bound because Jesus died for me. I believed that. And that . . . was enough. (Or was it?) The greatest history lesson I ever received, which literally, single-handedly sparked years of spiritual journeying, didn’t come from a university classroom.

It came from a hip-hop artist, Killah Priest. In Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, KP explained to me how the first Hebrews were not white-skinned Europeans. The blonde-haired, blue eyed Jesus was really Caesar Borgia. The original people of the planet Earth were black. Africa was (and is) the cradle of civilization. Those in power knew the truth. In order to destroy a people’s history, and plunder, pillage, and oppress them, an image (white Jesus) and a religion (Christianity, a white man’s religion), were forced upon them.

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Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 11.41.10 AMClear Conscience arrived today as a pre-release review copy. I spent most of the morning perusing it and found it highly readable, balanced, Catholic, concise, hits all the right points and is very timely.

It avoids all the pitfalls of the liberal Left’s attempt to twist Catholic teaching like a rubber nose to fit their socialist agenda and narrative. It is well written and makes profuse use of Scripture, the Catechism and Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis as well as other Church documents and teaching.

It is not a dull and boring read. It is concise, pithy, analyzes different perspectives, hits the hard topics and explains that much of a persons decision is based on prudential judgment, based on a solidly formed Catholic conscience. Good to give to everyone, Catholic or not.

It is clear to me that this election is the most important in my lifetime — so enter the booth prepared!

My wife and I purchased the 10-pack to share with our family and friends. Here is information on the timely book, a must-read for all Catholics before they pull the lever in the voting booth.

The highly-anticipated Catholic voting guide, Clear Conscience – released today. The nonpartisan voting guide from Ascension – the world leader in faith formation – examines Catholic values and provides comprehensive guidance to help Catholics navigate the contentious issues facing the nation both in the 2020 Election, and beyond.


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Available in book or Kindle format: Click here.
To purchase 10-pack at reduced price click here.

clear_conscience_3d_720_1800x1800In the midst of a heated election season, Ascension has released a nonpartisan political guide for the voting Catholic. Clear Conscience identifies the responsibilities of Catholics when acting as voting citizens in the public square. It provides comprehensive guidance to help Catholics navigate the contentious issues facing the nation both in the 2020 Election, and beyond.

Clear Conscience focuses first on the foundational political principles that underlie all political decisions, including natural law, moral responsibility, and prudential judgement. In the second portion of the book, particular issues are examined, with clear outlines of where Catholics must agree with each other, and where Catholics of goodwill can validly hold differing political opinions.

“This book will not tell you who to vote for. That is a decision that only you can ultimately make,” explains Matthew Pinto, founder and president of Ascension. “Rather, the book will give you a framework from which your conscience can be formed, and thus, the guidance you will need to vote with a clear conscience.”

Through the insights in Clear Conscience, readers will learn:

– What the rights of every person are

– The universal responsibility to uphold and defend those rights

– How Catholics understand specific political issues

– How the Catholic tradition has contributed to a free and just society

– Guns, immigration, racial issues, and more.

The 2020 Election is set to be one of the most contentious elections in American history. Clear Conscience helps American Catholics chart a calm path through this storm while making reasonable, conscience-based political choices that honor both their faith and also their nation.