Thursday, July 9, 2020

Live-Virtual 2-day Conference with Steve Ray

by Steve Ray on July 9, 2020

For the time being events, talks and conferences have moved on-line. It is sad in a way because we lose the face-to-face interaction and personal touch, but in another way, it makes events open to a much wider audience around the world.

Next Monday and Tuesday I will be giving 5 talks for a yearly conference of the Sisters at Our Lady of Peace Retreat. This was planned well over a year ago as a live on-site conference in Oregon, but due to restrictions on travel and gatherings, it is now available to everyone online for free. Visit to register and get your free pass for the four-day conference.

Steve’s talks include:
“Defending the Eucharist”
“Mary: Real Girl & Woman of Mystery” parts 1 and 2
“Swimming Upstream” and
“From Baptist to Catholic: the Unintended Journey.”

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Here is the video on “Mary, the Saints & Statues.”

Many sects and cults, denominations and heretical groups are enticing Catholics in the Philippines to leave the Catholic Church due to misleading and seductive accusations about Marian veneration, the Communion of Saints and statues.

I will address these issues on a live Facebook event Sunday, July 11 at 8 AM Eastern time, 8 PM Manila time. The event is hosted by Empower Philippines on their Coffee Conversations which reaches Filipinos around the world.

Do Catholics worship Mary? Why do Catholics “break” the 1st Commandment by making and bowing down to statues? Where does the Bible teach that we should pray to dead saints? Why do Catholics keep Jesus on the cross when we know he is living in heaven?

Join us on Saturday and we can discuss these things together and understand what the Catholic Church REALLY teaches and why we should be proud of our 2,000-year theological history and help bring others back into the Church.

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