My “Q & A for Non-Catholics” on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on June 15, 2020

Non-Catholics are welcome to call in with their questions about the Catholic Church today.

Questions Covered:

  • 11:56 – How do you know what the Canon of Scripture is? How do you know what the true Church is? 
  • 21:09 – Why do Catholics believe that they must go to a priest to confess their sins? Scripture says to go straight to God. 
  • 28:53 – Is it a sin to become intoxicated?  
  • 33:40 – How can Catholic authority reduce uncertainty in moral questions? 
  • 43:24 – What are the best first steps if I was considering becoming Catholic? 
  • 53:00 – Why is the Deutero-Canon considered Scripture when it doesn’t point to Jesus?  

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