Saturday, June 6, 2020

97970548_2868256409890442_6409772096917864448_nIn the Philippines people who leave the Catholic Church to become Protestants are usually called the “born agains.” But are they really? According to the Bible – NO! Catholics are the real and true “born agains” and Steve explains why from the Bible.

When someone asks Steve if he is born again, he answers, “Yes, I am born again the Bible way!” What does he mean? How does one get saved and born again? What does it mean to believe? What is ecumenism? Why is it so easy to get Filipino Catholics to leave the Catholic Church?

These issues and a lot more we discuss in this 1 1/2 hour interview. The first 2o minutes or so are introductions and an overview of Steve’s conversion, and then we dive right into the meaty and controversial topics. Enjoy and PLEASE pass this video along to any Filipinos you may know.

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In preparation for Trinity Sunday, here is a clever little video that says a lot in a short time with good humor.

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